Clearinghouse Advisory Group

Serving as liaison between lenders and the house of worship

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Clearinghouse Advisory Group, Inc. 

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Our Mission

Clearinghouse Advisory Group, Inc. is an advisory service created with the goal of preserving and stabilizing faith-based organizations with troubled assets while partnering with financial institutions through consultation and negotiations. Clearinghouse Advisory Group, Inc. serves as the liaison between the lenders and the faith-based organizations.

Our Vision

“To save one church at a time”. Provide the best solutions to build and continue to develop high-level relationships with the faith-based community. Preserve communities through strengthening the faith-based organizations that serve them.

Our Goal

Providing solutions to stabilize the faith-based organizations and the communities they serve while creating value for the lenders in a collaborative effort.




A Word From Our CEO

Mr. Kenneth Lewis’s expertise for the past three decades has been in the real estate and finance industry. After the economic crash of 2008, he was distressed by the number of residences and churches that were being foreclosed. As individuals lost their homes and jobs, tithes and offerings that sustain the churches diminished along with their value. The Clearinghouse Advisory Group, Inc. was created to service the churches by consulting, negotiating, and restructuring organizations.  

Working in the capacity of liaison to find resolutions for both parties involved the church and the bank. Kenneth has built meaningful and personal relationships with Bank of America, PNC Bank, Old Tennessee, Centennial Bank, Wells Fargo Woodforest National Bank , and Share Financial to name a few.